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Exterior Detail:
  • Each vehicle is hand washed.
  • All bugs, tar and sap are removed.
  • A "clay treatment" is done to exfoliate contaminants from the paint surface such as industrial fallout, acid rain and paint over spray. This process results in a much smoother and cleaner surface.
  • Evaluate the condition of the vehicles paint finish to determine the appropriate materials and methods for polishing the vehicle.
  • We match the least aggressive polishing compound and pad to obtain the optimum results. The polishing machine allows us to restore the original beauty of the vehicles finish. Foam polishing pads are used to avoid swirl marks.
  • Heavily oxidized or scratched vehicles may require a more aggressive polish followed with a succession of less aggressive polishes.
  • The vehicle is hand waxed with a fine German acrylic / polymer sealant.
  • Tires are "dressed" and exterior vinyl is conditioned.
  • Door and trunk jams are cleaned as well as inside of the fuel door.
  • Windows are cleaned.
  • Vehicle is thoroughly inspected.
  • Hours Required - 3 to 6

Interior Detail:

  • Dashboard is carefully cleaned including cleaning the vents with Q Tips.
  • Gauges and wood finishes are polished with plastic polish. Cup holders, ashtrays, door panels, and all surfaces are cleaned.
  • Carpets and floor mats are hand cleaned than machine extracted for a deep cleaning as well as the seats if they are fabric.
  • Leather is carefully cleaned with Lexol leather cleaner and than conditioned with Lexol leather conditioner.
  • Door Jams are cleaned and the trunk is vacuumed.
  • All efforts are made to dry the upholstery completely before the customer arrives.
  • Interior is completely inspected once completed.
  • Hours Required - 2.5 to 7

Complete Detail:

  • Includes all interior and exterior services listed above.


New Vehicle Paint and interior Protection

  • 5 year Teflon (best in industry) paint protection.
  • 5 year Teflon fabric protection for seats, carpets and mats.
  • Leather protection

Other Services:

  • Paint-less dent and ding repair.
  • Expert overspray removal.

To the last detail...
We know the secrets to getting your cars to look their best!